The first part of the community game is done – so this is the second part!

If you don’t know what PAUW! is – Continue to read this article about the community game.

We decided to choose the following names from all ideas (shown in alphabetical order here and random in the vote!):

Jamyna Jam (jam session: people coming together to make music) + Myna (a singing bird)
Juhlakone It’s Finnish and means Party Machine
Lyrabird Lyra (music instrument / constellation of stars) + Lyrebird (seems to be a very special bird :) )
Rythmz Derivated from Rhythm
Shambles No need to translate that in english ;) (in german: heilloses Durcheinander, Tohuwabohu)
Staraoke Star + Karaoke
Vocaluxe Vocals + Deluxe

Some other names were great, too. But we decided to limit names to 7, so these are our nominations. If your name is not listed here, then you didn’t make it. Thanks anyway for your suggestion and thanks to all who took part - Now let the voting begin!

(!) Remember the rules (!)

Tiny FAQ

Who can vote?
Everyone is allowed to vote ONCE(!) – you could even vote for your own name, but note: We will keep track of any attempt to manipulate the voting. Those users or maybe a whole name suggestion can be excluded by us from the game! So be fair!

Does this game mean you are going to rename USdx or even rename it to the voting winners proposal?
No! But the winner will still get the price :)

(Read all FAQ here)