Parents-to-be or already being parents? Then you know how difficult it is always to bother with the “naming question” – else you might also know :) In any case we got a tiny task for you to pass the time till the public beta.

We are interested in your ideas, so here’s your task:

If you were able to rename “UltraStar Deluxe” and pick your own new name – what would your project name be? Please include also from what your name was deduced and what it means to you!

The new name must meet the following demands:

  • Not registred in any way (e.g. trademark)

  • It should be new: So do not pick the term “ultrastar”

  • Your own idea: Maybe you could emphasize what USDX stands for? Or what you can do with it, what does it feature?

  • Profound, Attractive, Unique and just WOW! #PAUW! (don’t take this point too seriously ;) )

  • You really should be able to use the proposal as a new project name, so “USDXforPresident” would be a bad suggestion.

Also allowed are new word formations like: Jam + Crescendo = Jamendo

Or to make use of foreign languages like: Humanity = Ubuntu (Zulu)

We just want to hear some funny and creative but also serious ideas! Mail us your proposal, comment here or use your twitter account @ultrastardx with hashtag: #PAUW!

If you comment here don’t forget to use a valid mail address (will not be shown to the public!) so that we can inform you in case you win the public voting.

The best idea can win an album by a featured artist of the game!

Our featured artists / bands: Pornophonique, Shearer, Wise Guys, Bodo Wartke, Jonathan Coulton, Dead Smiling Pirates, Joshua Morin, Steven Dunston. Expect the unexpected!

Have fun!

Tiny FAQ

How do we choose the “best idea”? First of all it must meet the demands listed above, then we will choose our favorite names (e.g. 5-10 of the whole submissions) and will offer a public vote here.

When does this game end (Last day to send in proposals)? The game will end on sunday, the 25th of APRIL 2010 at 11:59 p.m. [UTC+2 (Germany summertime)]. All names will be published on 26th of April.

Who can participate and go for the price? Everyone, except the current UltraStar Deluxe team which cannot go for the price! Just mail us.

When does the voting start? The voting starts on 26th of APRIL 2010 and goes on till 30th of APRIL 2010 – 11:59 p.m. [UTC+2 (Germany summertime)]

Who can vote? Everyone is allowed to vote ONCE(!) – you could even vote for your own name, but note: We will keep track of any attempt to manipulate the voting. Those users or maybe a whole name suggestion can be excluded by us from the game! So be fair!

Can I submit more than one name suggestion? Yes, you can!

Does this game mean you are going to rename USdx or even rename it to the voting winners proposal? No! But the winner will still get the price :)

Just post a comment if you got another question.