Version 2024.1.0 has been released. Downloads are available from github and flathub.


  • Restart songs completely with R #799


  • Decrease song number font size to prevent overlapping in big collections #790
  • Typographer’s apostrophe (U+2019) is now recognized as a punctuation character #791
  • Use libswresample if available #656 #798

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Windows crashing on certain audio formats #787
  • Fix some keypresses registering twice #782
  • Fix uninitialized float being referenced #788

Other Changes

  • Log which audio output class is used #780 #785
  • Remove unnecessary code comment that upset some editors #783
  • Refactor the DrawPopup function #794
  • Use long option names instead of shorthands #796

Upcoming breaking change

Support for XML files is slated to be removed in a future release.