Version 2023.11.0 has been released. Downloads are available from github and flathub.


  • The keyboard shortcut S has improved seeking to the beginning of the lyrics, and can also skip long instrumental breaks #745

Breaking changes

In 2- and 3-player mode, certain theme elements for player 1 will no longer fallback to 1-player mode. The theme elements ending in Static, Avatar, Text, Static2 and TextScore must now be explicitly defined. This was always the case for the SingBar and Oscilloscope elements. Very old custom themes might need to be updated to reflect this.

Experimental voice removal and its keyboard shortcut K have been removed.

Other Changes

  • Also update version number for Mac releases #745 #755
  • Less errors (that aren’t actually errors) are logged in Error.log #751
  • Remove K experimental voice removal #754
  • Code deduplication in theme loading #760