Version 2023.6.0 has been released. Downloads are available from github and flathub.

Breaking changes

The Windows version of USDX no longer ships with DLLs for OpenSSL and cURL. Highscore plugins that rely on them should be bundled with them instead (place the plugin DLL in webs, the other DLLs in the main game directory). Although copying them over from a previous USDX version will work, it is recommended to find newer versions of the libraries the plugin depends on.


  • Song videos and background images now default to letterbox on game startup. Toggle with A. Stretch has been completely removed #689 #692
    If you use a custom theme (or create them) you will probably want to find SingBackground] in your theme ini and set ColR=0, ColB=0 and ColG=0.


  • In duets, P1 and P2 use the same opacity in the info lyric bar #678
  • Update Windows DLLs #711

Bug Fixes

  • Save scores for all players when using more than 6 players #676
  • Fix wrong shortcuts listed in editor help #683
  • Fix various memory leaks #688 #705 #707
  • Correctly not highlight yet-unselected songs on the song selection screen #695
  • Reset not-found previously selected avatars to the default colorized avatar to prevent a crash #698
  • Fix floating point exception on MacOS ARM64 #708
  • Use correct texture for rap notes #716

Other Changes

  • Completely remove Graphics.SingWindow option #677
  • Lock SDL surfaces before access #687 #705 #718
  • Fix MacOS compilation error loader_path #690
  • Various Readme updates #691 #694
  • Use better default player colors #706
  • Improve oscilloscope drawing #713