After years of development, we are proud to present the new stable version 2020.4.0 of UltraStar Deluxe. The changes in this version are:

  • support for recent FFmpeg and OpenCV versions
  • new pitch detection algorithm
  • new shortcuts (f.ex. Tab for help, Ctrl+R to shuffle players in party mode)
  • new default font (Noto), which supports more languages
  • configurable audio/video delay correction (Tools -> Options -> Game)
  • improvements to the built-in editor, which is now also available on all platforms by playing notes through PortMidi
  • improved microphone support (more than two channels and macOS fixes)
  • improvements and fixes to webcam integration
  • lots of other fixes (race conditions, memory leaks, kerning across syllables, sorting of songs, OpenGL library loading, Lua 5.3 support, video borders, colors on big endian, …)
  • a few translation updates, especially for Slovak, Hungarian, Greek, and German
  • dropped dependency on libGLU and PCRE

You can download the release in the download section and on our Github releases page.

Note that there are a few known problems that have to be fixed outside of USDX and might bite you regardless of the UltraStar Deluxe version:

  • BASS on Windows causes crashes when devices are set to high sample rates (USDX Issue #330)
  • macOS Catalina has graphics issues with SDL < 2.0.12 (SDL Bug #4822)
  • The current Free Pascal release causes crashes in used libraries on 32 bit x86 Linux due to insufficient stack alignment (FPC Bug #15582)