Hey beloved community,
our project slightly grows and is still activley developed!

900 people already like UltraStar Deluxe on facebook, do you?
Currently there’s a mission. Curious what it’s about? Then check our facebook page :)

New Release

Also a new release is planned for later this year but features are not yet decided. There are many tasks to do for the next major release. All content needs to be and will be updated and verified. The aim is to create the most helpful qualitative content for beginners. If you want to help us in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always need creative people who produce content, songs, tutorials, skins, languages and many many other things. If you love to create web designs, we could need your help, too, so that developers can focus on the tasks which is most important: Developing.

Ever thought about getting known to development processes?
If you are interested in programming games or might even have experience in Pascal / Delphi programming language, you’re invited to visit us in our irc channel #usdx @ Freenode. We always need developers who want to work in our lovely team.

From now on, we’ll keep you updated more frequently, whenever there’s something new to know about.

Summer’s comin’, it’s gettin’ HOT over here! So – Have yourself a nice day, everyday!