Hello everyone out there,
the current bebeto loop background track will be exchanged in the next release due to Debian license conflicts, so for now we need a new one: You can decide which one to take.

Some of you suggested new background songs,
listen to them on Jamendo or Facebook and vote for your favorite new background song.

We might change it in the future again and extend USdx with some cool advanced background music features suggested here in the comments, but for now we just need a song which is compilant to the Debian license.

We’re quite sure that we can release final this month but again some unexpected external influences caused a delay again.

Update: Please do not cheat and push your favorite track more than once. If you don’t like the one which wins this voting, just exchange background track.mp3 in ./sounds folder after the release with your desired audio file. Thanks!

The magic release date will be: 10-10-10, voting ends on 5th of October, 11:59 p.m. The result will be published later (after we checked the winning track for cheating votes).