A few steps from here, a golden light of an UltraStar Deluxe 1.1 Final DVD Box seems to illuminate the darkness. If we would look back we’d see the intended time frame which has already been crossed some time ago…

… but never the less we did not lose the way. We’re still on the path, even if some third party influences slow us down while we’re walking straight to the finish line.

There are some last steps to do on which we need your helping hands:

  • Background Music:
    We need a new song for the background music feature (which allows commercial use & altering). Any suggestions? Mail us as soon as possible because we’d like to start a voting at the end of this day to speed up the process.

  • Finish USdx and third party themes:
    Dear creative artists around there, please mail us your current state of your eye candy, so that we are able to include it in final release.

  • Plugins:
    It would be great if community plugin developers could convert their plugins to the new lua scriptable party engine.

  • Webhosting:
    Sadly the upload system still doesn’t work. It’d be great if this could be fixed because it’s needed to finish the brand new documentation.

  • Translations:
    If you cannot find your language in our repository or your language file has some ToDo’s in it, please create or fix it on GitHub. Need Help on that task? Read me.