as you can see there were some massive changes here since your last visit!

Today we started the public beta of UltraStar Deluxe on it’s way to be the greatest karaoke software for your personal computer. If you want to help us just try out the beta version and report your experiences (whether they are of good or bad nature). If you do not tell us what’s disturbing you, we cannot resolve it.

Getting started

Just download UltraStar Deluxe and play around with it – it’s pretty easy. If you got stuck, have a look in our wiki or ask in our forums. You could also get some help at your favorite social network.

Where can I find ubuntu packages?

We’re currently trying to build some for you – just wait a day or two. We will publish them. If you don’t want to wait you could also try to compile them for yourself (see Development)

UPDATE: Packages available within the download section!

Why doesn’t it contains an already introduced feature xy?

The aim for our beta, codenamed “Vocaluxe”, is to go for stability on all platforms. We recently introduced the cross-platform codebase and it needs to be tested in many environments. Features like duett mode, jukebox or medley mode are developed separately and will be merged in later versions. Help us to create the most stable base so that it’ll be very easy to release new versions way faster than ever before with all the features you can think of (at least some of them).

If you want to use more features, you could download ChallengeMod.

Got a problem? Request Help!

If you experience any problem, please discuss it in our forum first before you submit a bug report or even give up. There are many people willing you to help you on your way to become a deluxe UltraStar.

We offer two extra sections for the public beta:

  • [English forum][forum-en]
  • [German forum][forum-de]

You can submit bugs via the “Report a bug” item in “Participate” menu.

Why are there empty sections in website?

Creating all the content for this website takes some time. It just went online today and most sections will be filled soon. Just come back here from time to time. And yes the comment function is not working yet :) We’ll fix it!

Update: Comment system should be fixed now! Awaiting your responses.