Hey dudes out there in the UltraStar universe,
first of all we truly apologize for this year’s april fool!

The feedback was amazing, showing us that you all feel so strongly about UltraStar Deluxe and care about the future of your project.

Your project because without each of you UltraStar Deluxe wouldn’t even have been possible. The projects basement is our community and we hope that you will continue as we do by taken new heart from your fighting spirit, hoping that you will reach out your hands even further as you did in the past, holding the project and and being it’s supporting pillar.

This year the global depression is all over. Brisk wind let the project gain steam for the aim to be the best singstar-like karaoke solution for your home pc.

We’re currently working on a public beta version which will be published soon and ready for you to give it a go. We even made up some more special things, all for you, all for free, as good as our usual work.

More content, more help, more everything – even prettier!

Just hold your breath for a few more days!

In love,
your development team.