Long time ago we created UltraStar Deluxe in hope that it will change the world. Now – as we are becoming old – we must confess that we cannot maintain this belief any longer.

In the past days we sat together and considered the future of our project. It was a very hard decision and the silence between our topics was dominated by tears pitching on the ground. Finally we decided to discontinue our project due to several reasons. We call on all of you to understand our reasons.

We definitly had some fun playing around with some stupid edges of pascal code in the past years but each of us asked himself what his purpose in life is.

While you were using UltraStar Deluxe in your real life, the development went ahead in our small chambers, just with a poster of the wide ocean in it which delighted us so many times. But there’s a time when the poster has to be torn down. This time has come.

We knew that this time would come but we didn’t expect it so soon. It’s always disappointing if a project closes it’s services. Each project leaves a scar but also a mark behind which hopefully recall your memories more than once in your further lifetime. “Without a song or dance – what are we?”

We continue to support the latest version till the end of the year but then pass into retirement, including the closure of our domains and anything which imposes any extra costs on us.

THANKS to all of you and you for such a great time and also thanks to those who still thought we were coming out (but hey – if you need something to look forward to – Cheer up! Maybe there’s a release with the Duke)

Take care of your installed relict and treat it like our child! We’ll miss YOU as a part of our community which could have been even more active than it already was in the past.

“Over and out“.