Too late? Contest closed? Then we got some good news for you. We received many mails from you asking us to extend the contest due to the reason that partys have to be planned and organized which takes more time than we thought.

We also got some mails asking what the 2nd and 3rd prize is and if there is another way to participate in the contest cause they are not able to record and direct a movie or photostory.

So we reconsidered that proposal at our developers table and we decided: This year will be and already is the Creative Year, so we allow a third option now (all previous works will of course stay in the contest!)

The contest will be extended till the 28th of February!

We also released a ChallengeMod based upon the current stable 1.0.1a!

Get your friends around, direct a movie, create a great individual photo story of your UltraStar Deluxe party OR tell us why you of all people really need those fantastic wireless mics (more details at link below).

You can still win a brand new package containing (among with some secret things) the new Sony Singstar Wireless Microphones by courtesy of AG.

If you cannot wait, you could buy the excellent wireless microphones directly from our gorgeous contest sponsor:

1st prize: A big package bundled with Sony Singstar Wireless Microphones

2nd prize: Choose between the album of “Joshua Morin – Drunk stoned or in love” and “Steven Dunston – Hymns About Her“

3rd prize: Get the album which the 2nd winner didn’t choose.